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Backup Exec Error 28006


Action: The user should reset in-use flag in statement handle before freeing the handle. Registry modifications should only be carried-out by persons experienced in the use of the registry editor application. Action: Attach to the server after setting the server group name in the server handle. ORA-24757: duplicate transaction identifier Cause: An attempt was made to start a new transaction with an identifier already in use by an existing transaction. http://waspsoft.com/backup-exec/backup-exec-alert-media-error-the-backup-to-disk-device-is-offline.html

ORA-24363: measurements in characters illegal here Cause: Measurements in characters instead of bytes are illegal if either the server's or client's character set is varying width. Solution: - For more information about this error please refer: http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH69392     Installation of license keys/Agent in evaluation mode in Backup Exec fails with error "Failed to install SQL Express Then, run the SQL Server Setup again. Oracle Database 10g Error Messages AMD-00100: not found: string "string" AMD-00101: cannot create string "string"; metadata entity already exists AMD-00102: invalid metadata entity: string "string" AMD-00103: %s "string" does not have

Failed To Install Sql Express Bkupexec Instance With Error

ORA-24432: The statement that was returned is not tagged. If it persists, please contact your customer service representative. ORA-24905: invalid recipient protocol attribute passed into OCI call Cause: The subscription handle passed into the OCI call did not have a proper recipient protocol attribute. ORA-24408: could not generate unique server group name Cause: An internal error occured while generating unique server group name.

  1. Action: Verify that the service context handle has all the parameters initialized prior to this call.
  2. Detailed message is Connection was unsuccessful to URL: ??http://meetingrequest.intel.com:81/test.asp ??Error: The attempt to connect to the server fa 2001-09-11 22:06:50 Skytel [005247787] C SH/TONE 943-4427 2001-09-11 22:06:50 Skytel [002737834] C SH/TONE
  3. Action: Consult the users manual and specify a legal attribute value for the handle.

ORA-24942: cannot use ntfn grouping attributes on before release 11.0 compatible ntfns Cause: An attempt was made to use notification grouping on before release 11.0 compatible notifications. Action: Ensure no connections from the pool are being used. ORA-24947: Invalid namespace attribute specified for the subscription string Cause: An attempt was made to register with invalid namespace attribute. V-225-302 Backup Exec 2014 Action: Create a session pool prior to reinitializing it.

TIM/LAXOO 2001-09-11 22:05:02 Arch [0968319] D ALPHA 20-MIKE, PLEASE CALL MICHELLE ON HER CELL PHONE AT 817-229-5724. 2001-09-11 22:05:02 Skytel [002270851] A ST NUM 673-412-6700 2001-09-11 22:05:02 Skytel [003846277] B SH/TONE V-225-302 Backup Exec Click to clear the Compress contents to save disk space check box. 4. Solution: 1. Action: Remove the offending function or do not create an OCI environment with OCI_UTF16ID mode or OCI_UTF16ID character set ID.

Action: Use OCILobLocatorAssign for temporary LOBs instead. Sql Instance Bkupexec Was Found On This System EXP-00092: Unable to set NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS to required defaults. Cause: A statement that was earlier prepared using OCIStmtPrepare2 is now being reprepared using OCIStmtPrepare." Action: Please use a different statement handle. CARLOS. 2001-09-11 22:06:25 Arch [1072597] B ALPHA 770-563-7533 2001-09-11 22:06:25 Metrocall {1246127} 2 2400 67947... 2001-09-11 22:06:25 Skytel {0176803} 3 1200 609-729-2900-310 2001-09-11 22:06:26 Arch [0925366] B ALPHA 318643;Sep 11 18:07:04

V-225-302 Backup Exec

For example: OCILobAssign only takes persistent LOB locators as parameters, not temporary LOBs. ORA-24852: protocol error during statement execution Cause: An internal protocol error occurred while receiving describe data from the server during execution of a statement. Failed To Install Sql Express Bkupexec Instance With Error Action: Use this call in deferred mode of linkage. V 225 302 Error Failed To Install Sql Express Bkupexec Instance With Error Cause: A proxy session was requested for from a Session Pool which does not support proxy sessions.

ORA-24418: Cannot open further sessions. navigate here Action: Remove the bind variable. Contact Oracle Corp. ORA-01276 Cannot add a file with an Oracle Managed Files file name. Uninstall Backup Exec Sql Instance

Thanks, Munish 2001-09-11 22:06:07 Skytel [007511864] C ALPHA Reply from CAROL EDMONDS is cool! ORA-24762: server failed due to unspecified error Cause: An internal error has occured in the server commit protocol. Action: Call OCISessionRelease. Check This Out referring to following "Add applicable tax, tag, etc." Please advise.Thank you. ----- 2001-09-11 22:07:48 Skytel [004547346] A SH/TONE 752 2001-09-11 22:07:48 Skytel [004533273] C SH/TONE 3500 2001-09-11 22:07:49 Arch [0987275] C

rickc 2001-09-11 22:05:46 Metrocall [1402544] A ALPHA Frm: [email protected] Sub: (no subject) Txt: can i put a psirus liner in a thr 2001-09-11 22:05:46 Metrocall [1543964] D ALPHA Subsystem QINTER2 in Action: The program needs to handle this error and take appropriate action. ORA-24316: illegal handle type Cause: An illegal handle type was specified.

If an excessive number of incidents are dumped, contact Oracle Support Services.

I just spoke to John Martens Bill 5668 2001-09-11 22:07:41 Skytel [005175378] A ST NUM 845-3416 (10 2001-09-11 22:07:41 Skytel [007568209] A ST NUM 909-943-6680 2001-09-11 22:07:41 Skytel [005509713] A ST Action: Avoid the operation on Abstract LOBs. ORA-24356: internal error while converting from to COBOL display type. referring to following "Add applicable tax, tag, etc." Please advise.Thank you. ----- Origi 2001-09-11 22:07:23 Arch [1425048] C ALPHA 300~MPfetchData:openConnectionToManager:ERROR CONNECTING: : www36 connectToServerPort:socket/socket timed out at /home/crdtdrv/creditderivatives/script/MPfetchData.pl line 342,

ORA-24960: the attribute string is greater than the maximum allowable length of number Cause: The user attempted to pass an attribute that is too long Action: Shorten the specified attribute and Remove it using Add/Remove programs, then restart the Backup Exec installation" occurs when attempting to install Backup Exec for Windows Servers.  http://support.veritas.com/docs/295712   `- For more information about this error please ORA-24753: local transactions cannot be detached Cause: An attempt to detach a local transaction was made. this contact form Further investigation may be required. " 2001-09-11 22:06:55 Metrocall [1283914] C ALPHA Frm: Phone Plus Sub: Txt: Conkrit Claude 323-299-4498 07:08 PM 2001-09-11 22:06:55 Metrocall [002119221] B ALPHA 7765*Event on

Currently, only TIME notification grouping class is supported. Remaining PL/SQL blocks for this object will be skipped. ORA-24814: operation not allowed for temporary LOBs Cause: Temporary LOB locators are not allowed in the operation. If it persists, please contact your customer service representative.

Action: Verify that the size parameter is correct. Action: Specify a valid username and password. ORA-24952: register, unregister or post has incorrect collection count Cause: The register, unregister or post function was invoked with a collection that was smaller than the size specified by the parameter For more information about this error please refer to:     Error 2908: Cause: An older or incompatible vesion of Microsoft SQL Managemet Studio is installed on the media server, which

ORA-25023: Cyclic trigger dependency is not allowed Cause: A cycle of trigger dependency can be formed. ORA-24802: user defined lob read callback error Cause: The only valid return value for a user defined lob read callback function is OCI_CONTINUE. Action: Please contact Oracle customer support. referring to following "Add applicable tax, tag, etc." Please advise.Thank you. ----- Origi 2001-09-11 22:07:23 Metrocall [002589866] C ALPHA Frm: MARY ANNE EDMONDS Sub: Re: Tacoma Txt: TO: RICHIE HODGEFR: EDDIE

for assistance ORA-00437 ORACLE feature is not licensed. ORA-24760: invalid isolation level flags Cause: An invalid isolation level flag was passed. TIM/LAXOO 2001-09-11 22:05:00 Skytel [005522163] A ALPHA 1900 LAPD JUST CLEARED ALL TERMINALS. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\Instance Names\SQL 9.

The ROWID cannot be computed in a before row update trigger because it depends on the actual values of the row Action: Remove references to NEW ROWID from the trigger definition. ORA-24396: invalid attribute set in server handle Cause: Attribute OCI_ATTR_NONBLOCKING_MODE has been set on the server handle and attached in OCI_POOL mode. Action: None ORA-24343: user defined callback error Cause: The only valid return value for a user defined callback function is OCI_CONTINUE or OCI_ROWCBK_DONE. Action: Verify that only one of following values - OCI_TRANS_READONLY, OCI_TRANS_READWRITE, OCI_TRANS_SERIALIZABLE is used.

Earn over 3% monthly through fully 2001-09-11 22:06:53 Arch [0987275] C ALPHA s0043: Available swap space Decreases below 75.820300:FATAL:Sep 11, 2001 15:36 2001-09-11 22:06:54 Skytel [004420680] C ST NUM 201-839-4357 2001-09-11 The fields presented are:
Date Time Pager-Network Pager-number Channel Pager-type Message...