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if the dialog was closed with the enter key, -1. wesnoth.clear_messages wesnoth.clear_messages() Removes all messages from the chat window. The forum thread discussing the campaign is at https://forums.wesnoth.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=32384. Instead of going through everything line by line and try to spot the mistake you've made, or before posting your entire campaign on the forums in the hopes that someone wants navigate here

Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 4 Star 6 Fork 3 Dugy/Legend_of_the_Invincibles Code Issues 0 Pull requests 0 Projects 0 Board Index Delete all board cookies • All times are UTC Powered by phpBB Forum Software © phpBB Group Home Play Create Forums Support Project Credits Links LuaWML/Display From Wesnoth This The game reports: error scripting/lua: ...Files/Battle for Wesnoth 1.9.0/data/lua/wml-tags.lua:399: bad argument #1 to 'scroll_to_tile' (number expected, got string) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'scroll_to_tile' ...Files/Battle for Wesnoth 1.9.0/data/lua/wml-tags.lua:399: in function 'cmd' Note that this function only works correct in syncronized events.

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That's why in most times replay safety is the same as multiplayer safety. There are no scroll_to or scroll_to_unit commands in the scenario cfg. ___ Reply to this item at: http://gna.org/bugs/?16542 ___ Nachricht geschickt von/durch Gna! Seems to fix bug#16542. (Browse SVN revision 46020)Lari Nieminen Thu Aug 26 22:58:03 2010, comment #4:Alanin isn't unstored, right, clicked to fast through the dialog. Log in Home Recent changes Search Copyright © 2003-2016 The Battle for Wesnoth Powered by MediaWiki Login Status: Not Logged In Login New User This Page Clean Reload Printer Version Related

The error is most likely an error with a macro calling the wrong number of arguments (like {MOVE_UNIT ID X Y} , if you leave one of those arguments out you Instead it is expected that the other players have this data locally available and that their data matches the data of the host. If you wish to discuss anything, go there. Battle For Wesnoth Cheats Attributes and options are taken from given tables (see [message]).

This happens layzly that means it doesn't happen at the beginning of the synced user action, but it happens as soon as the rng is used inside the synced context for Battle For Wesnoth Youtube Changing the computer right away is not a clever move, try to troubleshoot the problems first. wesnoth.set_music { name = "traveling_minstrels.ogg" } Passing no argument forces the engine to take into account all the recent changes to the music list. (Note: this is done automatically when sequences In others it just tells you the basic group that its in, like it'll say "...line 2455..." and the only tag there is like message or something.

There are also unsynced user action like "select" that only happen on one client and are not sended to other clients. Battle For Wesnoth Walkthrough http://gna.org/ ___ Wesnoth-bugs mailing list [email protected] https://mail.gna.org/listinfo/wesnoth-bugs [Wesnoth-bugs] [bug #16542] lua error in scenario epilogue of sceptre of fire 2010-08-26 Thread Pentarctagon Follow-up Comment #2, bug #16542 (project wesnoth): I was The other arguments describe the path of the parent treeview (-node) wesnoth.remove_dialog_item wesnoth.remove_dialog_item(index, count, path, to, widget, id) (Version 1.13.1 and later only) Removes an item from a listbox, a multipage Suukorak Posts: 65 Joined: April 13th, 2009, 10:01 pm Top Reply with quote Re: How to easily debug WML by Sapient » June 20th, 2009, 11:36 pm For the record,

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The last argument is the id of the widget. http://gna.org/ ___ Wesnoth-bugs mailing list [email protected] https://mail.gna.org/listinfo/wesnoth-bugs [Wesnoth-bugs] [bug #16542] lua error in scenario epilogue of sceptre of fire 2010-08-27 Thread Lari Nieminen Update of bug #16542 (project wesnoth): Status: Confirmed Battle For Wesnoth Units Next, just look at the top left of the window and click advanced system settings. Games Like Battle For Wesnoth Go back to step 2 and again remove as much as you easily can (for example, cut away all the [event]s of that scenario you have left).

The Knights of the Silver Spire campaign.http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~pmawhorter - my website. check over here The first argument is a table describing the dialog with the following keys: title - The title to show on the message. NOTE: #1 could be an irrelevant error: Sometimes it says a completely random thing is wrong, when in fact a quote is misplaced or an id tag is wrong.2. are such actions. Battle For Wesnoth Steam

If you wish to use the version from GitHub, look at https://wiki.wesnoth.org/EditingWesnoth to see how to use it. A list of widgets can be found at GUIWidgetInstanceWML.) Two optional functions can be passed as second and third arguments; the first one is called once the dialog is created and Usage The add-on is usually downloaded from the game's add-on server. his comment is here Repeat until you've isolated the bug to a small enough section that you can easily just go through it line by line.This is a surprisingly quick and easy method of debugging

Restore it, and then go to step 2 and apply that procedure to that part only. Battle For Wesnoth Wiki Very strange that whether or not the error displays depends on the os version. @zookeeper, you should also use [hide_unit] for Rugnur who's sitting at the top of the map since This is why you also need to check the stderr.txt.

So while you shouldn't change the damage of a unit's attack, there's nothing wrong with changing it's portrait.

The new status is passed as the first argument, and the path to the widget is specified by the remaining arguments (see #wesnoth.set_dialog_value). The clients usually send these actions as soon as they know that they cannot be undone. There may be several errors which you have no knowledge about especially when you are browsing. Battle For Wesnoth Review text - Initial contents of the text field.

Top Reply with quote Re: How to easily debug WML by fog_of_gold » March 31st, 2010, 7:20 pm There are errors not listed in stderr.txt. Missing DLL Files When you run a certain program in the computer and it lacks a file, the program will not run properly making way for this Battle For Wesnoth Lua in a moveto event. http://waspsoft.com/battle-for/battle-for-wesnoth-save-error.html Test if you still get errors.3.

solsword Code Contributor Posts: 291 Joined: January 12th, 2009, 10:21 pmLocation: Santa Cruz, CA Website Top Reply with quote Re: How to easily debug WML by fog_of_gold » January 30th, wesnoth.theme_items This field is not a function but an associative table. in a moveto event) cannot be undone. The problem is either a recent change of the software of hardware on your personal computer.

It may be the disabled / enabled states of the widget, or its background / foreground planes, or... If it does not point to a unique widget in the dialog, some discriminating parents should be given on its left, making a path that is read from left to right OOS could in principle be caused by network issues such as dropped packets, by players having mismatched game files, or even by cheating, but it is commonly caused by scenario designers fog_of_gold Posts: 637 Joined: December 20th, 2009, 5:59 pmLocation: Germany Top Reply with quote Re: How to easily debug WML by bigkahuna » October 15th, 2010, 1:32 pm This is

If it is a system file that is lost, the web can give you a copy of it. Game becomes out of sync During the actual game all clients have their own local gamesate. It links item names to the functions that describe their content. Contents 1 wesnoth.message 2 wesnoth.clear_messages 3 wesnoth.textdomain 4 wesnoth.delay 5 wesnoth.float_label 6 wesnoth.select_unit 7 wesnoth.highlight_hex 8 wesnoth.deselect_hex 9 wesnoth.scroll_to_tile 10 wesnoth.lock_view 11 wesnoth.view_locked 12 wesnoth.play_sound 13 wesnoth.set_music 14 wesnoth.show_message_dialog 15 wesnoth.show_popup_dialog

This is a hard error to fix.Any random error that you know for a fact is not relevant: Sometimes wesnoth calls an irrelevant error when there is a separate error going If you didn't get the error anymore, then you know you've just removed the part containing the error. See Also MultiplayerContent Retrieved from "https://wiki.wesnoth.org/index.php?title=OOS_(Out_of_Sync)&oldid=57472" Category: WML Tips This page was last modified on 3 March 2016, at 11:44. Remove half or more of the WML of your campaign.

bumbadadabum Developer Posts: 1005 Joined: March 20th, 2008, 5:54 pmLocation: Netherlands Website Top Reply with quote Re: How to easily debug WML by bigkahuna » October 15th, 2010, 3:26 pm If the resulted gamesate is different than the original gamesate we have an OOS.