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Battle For Wesnoth Save Error

The commit partially fixed this problem and start-of-scenario saves were loading, but they where missing some data and/or had some incorrect data and this caused some things to not work properly. As a reference, players that have around 2000 are considered strong, and those beyond 2500 grandmasters. In short, the better players you beat, the more points you get and vice versa. So LESS specific question, what should I copy form one Ubuntu instance to another, to get my preferences? navigate here

If one player must leave and cannot finish a game they can request to save the game and continue later. If you know basic php & mysql you are welcome to contact us already. Because if there comes a compabiliity breaking change eigher in the addon or in the c++ code, then the turnX saves often are broken while start-of-scenario saves are still valid since The version is 1.7.6 without any modifications, straight out of the box so to say.

They alone can alter most of the aspects of the ladder the ladder is not in any way associated with the official wesnoth forum, it's moderators and/or the developers of Wesnoth. This is here for the people who want to use it. I've written a more extensive answer to this one in here. All players that have played one or more games always have a rating.

Please don't use the forum to start new ladder threads and don't ever contact the Wesnoth staff or server admins about ladder related issues - they won't & can't help you. When a player registers at the ladder he/she gets a rating of 1500, but, that rating is really the expected rating of an average player and not of a newcomer to It's normal. To find an opponent for a ladder game you'd have to contact people in the ladder and/or create (ladder) games on the official server.

If a majority of players want a rule change we'll fix it. Don't be offensive or an idiot in some other wat, or admin will delete your comment(s) and/or your account without a warning. Date Changed By Updated Field Previous Value => Replaced By Sun Mar 28 13:26:29 2010mmkalllAttached File-Added stderr.rar, #8705 Carbon-Copy-Added mmkalll Sun Mar 28 12:44:14 2010esrStatusNoneInvalid Open/ClosedOpenClosed Sat Mar 27 19:21:55 2010esrStatusNeed The important thing is just that we don't generate junk files.

Board Index Delete all board cookies • All times are UTC Powered by phpBB Forum Software © phpBB Group Home Play Create Forums Support Project Credits Links Board Index Change font Andrius Silinskas Fri Jun 6 02:58:37 2014, comment #5:I currently have a plan that might (meaning it is not sure) fix this bug, but that's a 1.13-only plan that won't On the contrary, we think it should be self-sustaining. Testing using switch/checkout / bisecting in git revealed that commit: 8f6a3a5490245c46268f8f821292da33879c2002 "Changed the structure of savegames to only contain the data necessary." (2012/08/15) introduced the error.

I've played x games. Understand this: It is not the case! If you miss an avatar plese send it to us if it's legal and if it's a *.gif that uses transparency & that is a maximum of 44 pixels high. What is the countdown in days for in my profile?

Won't people cheat? check over here That's it. Punish the wicked. Examples for when it would occur are: Player is spamming, not responding several turns or reporting AFK, disconnecting without notice and without coming back or messaging, acting like 7-year old from

aEvery won game earns you x. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. Contact info for the current Ladder Admin can be found at the bottom of this page. his comment is here Once done you're all set for new challenging ladder games.

We consider a player that has more than MIDDLE_RATING to be very skilled compared to most of the competition, and having about 2500 equals to a grand master. It's a way to rate the conduct of your opponents by giving them a numerical value from 1 (lowest, worst) to 5 (highest, best). up vote 0 down vote favorite 1 Long story short, I'm on "new" ubuntu, but got external HDD with Ubuntu partition.

What good are the Avatars?

Is the empty set homeomorphic to itself? The correct settings are defined in this document. It's not fun or a good idea to use a ranking system. When reporting a game you can choose to upload a replay if you want to.

How is my XP calculated? How can I edit my profile? Is there an easy way to add all ladder members as friends in-game? weblink Use the English language and make sure the public can understand what you write.

Why don't I show in the ladder listing? I'll try to look into that too, but I can't tell how long it will take to fix. share|improve this answer answered Dec 9 '14 at 14:29 davidbaumann 1,0171421 +1 for general answer (Thank you!), Battle for Wesnoth is not working right now, I haven't play it g. /home/user.

Is having 1500 good? Check your info in the welcome e-mail, we included it there for you to remember it better. Maybe this copy is not enough for BfW, will be back with answer later. –user3895596 Dec 9 '14 at 14:52 1 OK, it worked for at least saves, thanks! –user3895596