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Bde Administrator Error $210d


Rename the DATABASE ENGINE to a new name, e.g. BDE kullanan tüm programları kapayın ve yeniden çalıştırın.Düzenleyen murat turan - 14.Eylül.2009 Saat 10:13 Kasa Takip|Cari Takip|Evrak Takip|ETA SQL Mobil Yanıt Yaz Forum Atla -- Forum Seç -- Haberler Teknoloji haberleri b) On a network, go to \\setup\bdeshare\ and you will find BDEADMIN.EXE here. The easiest solution is probably to completely remove and reinstall the BDE. http://waspsoft.com/borland-database/bde-210d-error.html

Craig Stunt Delphi Developer Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT Re:BDE Error $210D QuoteSergej Artemenko wrote: > This error cause memory sharing. > You need set parameter in BDE Administrator: > SHAREDMEMLOCATION In many cases, the SHAREDMEMLOCATION setting needs to be either set or changed (in most cases, by default it will have no setting). Siéntete libre de contribuir Deja un comentario Cancelar respuesta Tu dirección de correo electrónico no será publicada. Search your hard drive and let me know if you have more than one copy of IDAPI32.DLL.

Bde Error 210d Windows 7

Re: Faulty TSR tests for F3 & F6 and displays msg, but from random location3. "Could not find object" with union on BDE and using database STANDARD4. Bill Todd Delphi Developer 2004-12-15 11:19:28 AM Re:Borland Database Engine (error $210D) That makes no sense. what's worng??? Pero fuera de eso no tengo mas sugerencias ya que desconozco cómo funciona Goldmine con el BDE.

If you go to ibinstall.defined.net and install the BDE information utility it will install the latest version of the BDE (5.2). -- Bill Todd (TeamB) TeamB cannot answer questions received via The script is available here: http://bit.ly/11q3bTp. For details on these BDE parameters and another ones you can look at the BDEADMIN.HLP help file. Bde Sharedmemlocation Notice that Delphi apps load at a preferred address (AFAIR 0x40000000) by default and this can be changed in Delphi compiler options.

Thanks for sharing!ResponderEliminarP.Sllva20 de abril de 2013 às 01:21Fabiano, fico muito contente por ter ajudado alguém ("do outro lado do Atlântico", certamente, acertei?). Borland Database Engine Error 210d Sin duda era un problema de gestión de memoria del BDE. BDE error $210D Home|Glossary|My Favorites Quick Jump Menu Top - - Sage Connect- - Sage 50- - - - Installation- - - - Features & Functions- - - - Maintenance- - Before running it, you might want to edit the value of the variable SHAREDMEMSIZE, on the beginning of the script , so as to match the value on your configuration file.

BDE Error $210d, what does that mean? 7. !! An Error Occurred While Attempting To Initialize The Borland Database Engine 2108 Board index » off-topic » Borland Database Engine (error $210D) jck11 Delphi Developer Borland Database Engine (error $210D) 2004-12-15 09:25:18 AM off-topic2 Hi all When I open my datamodule, Symptoms & Error Messages Unable to initialize the Borland Database Engine Error….." (example: error: $210D, $2A06, $2501, $2104) error on launch: "FaxRush could not detect the Borland Database Engine on this I was wondering if I could have a little technical help on it.

Borland Database Engine Error 210d

Comments There are no comments for this article. NullableDateTimePicker.cs Board index » delphi » BDE Error $210D Arik Averbuch Delphi Developer Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT BDE Error $210D We are getting BDE error $210D launching 2 Bde Error 210d Windows 7 Error... An Error Occurred While Attempting To Initialize The Borland Database Engine (error $210d) Please Help: BDE Error $210D 8.

Steps below should be performed ONLY after a full backup has been made, and only by a qualified PC technician. have a peek at these guys What I have learned in 6 weeks at Romania Delphi to .Net converters MS Tag tags [email protected] ► Novembro (6) Acerca de mim P.Sllva Ver o meu perfil completo Ocorreu Please help me! Note that changing the SHAREDMEMLOCATION may require also changing the SHAREDMEMSIZE (typically to make SHAREDMEMSIZE smaller) Launching BDE Admin Manually Generally, you should have an icon in Control Panel called BDE An Error Occurred While Attempting To Initialize The Borland Database Engine (error $2501)

But, as it has already helped us finding the value for SHAREDMEMLOCATION in our applications, we've decided to leave it as is (as our goal was already met).Another gotcha we've met General BDE Discussion In many cases, the BDE memory should be increased, especially if multiple database connectors are in use concurrently, or if the CRM application will be run on the de la industria 4, Natea Business Park 28108 Alcobendas – Madrid Tel: +34 916 638 683 Fax: +34 916 546 382 Seguiren TwitterSuscribirsea canal RSS © 1990-2016 - Danysoft Internacional Política http://waspsoft.com/borland-database/bde-engine-error-210d.html Close all BDE applications.

We've been looking for the solution to this problem for a long time and now, finally, we've managed to solve it (as our software vendor just kept saying they don't support An Error Occurred While Attempting To Initialize The Borland Database Engine (error $2108) Has anybody experienced the same things and is there a work around? PS: I already reinstalled the BDE5.2.

After that analysis is done choose a valid address for SHAREDMEMADDRESS like 3BDE.

Physical Memory (RAM) Size SHAREDMEMLOCATION SHAREDMEMSIZE 2 GB 0x2BDE 2048 4 GB 0x5BDE 4096 8 GB 0x7BDE 8192 *Note: You may need to restart your computer to take the changes effect. All you have to do is run the vmmap tool, select the application you want to investigate and save the output as a mmp file (which is, actually, a XML file). Repeat this step for all the applications which use BDE to access data, saving all the ".mmp" files in a folder. He configurado el archivo Init desde el BDE Administrator en el parámetro ShareMemsize de 2048 a 4096 y el problema ya no se da.

Search your hard drive and let me know if you have more than one copy of IDAPI32.DLL. This error cause memory sharing. The limit to the number of BDE apps that can be opened at the same time is described in the "BDE Limits" help topic of BDEADMIN.HLP. this content Let me know the answers to these questions before you do anything else.

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