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ID 459001 PVA statistics for each flow are tracked in hardware and software. Disk erase on SSD and HDD platforms This release now provides end users with the ability to perform a single pass/zero write disk erase operation of solid-state disk (SSDs) drives and change it to: ... Depending on the operations you perform, doing so might render the system unusable.

Select one. * Enter new password for the selected user. * Click ""Submit"". ID 460178 oamd shutdown function has been updated and does not crash attempting double delete. ID 453332 Fixed an issue with iControl REST calls timing out. It will be ensured that the CCS payload is a single byte of value '1'.

An Error Occurred While Attempting To Initialize The Borland Database Engine (error $2108)

This involves changing the VLAN name as well as any configuration objects that refer to that VLAN. For radius server, if config.auditing.forward.multiple' is set to 'failover', it will be treated as 'none'. Memory: Less than 8 GB and more than 4 GB The following guidelines apply to platforms, and to VE and vCMP guests provisioned with less than 8 GB and more than ID 455361 Fixed improper handling of ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) 'Fragmentation Required' messages from routers.

Run the Setup utility. When db variable 'config.auditing.forward.multiple' is set to 'broadcast' or 'failover', db variable 'config.auditing.forward.destination' can be set to multiple IP addresses, separated by commas ( , ), such as ',,www.example.com'. ID 461592 The device can process inbound VXLAN packets even if it is in a standby mode. An Error Occurred While Attempting To Initialize The Borland Database Engine (error $2501) ID 452121 BIG-IP now supports multiple SafeNet network-HSMs configured in a HA group.

Get your free @yahoo.com address at http://mail.yahoo.com --------------------------------------------------------------------- Before posting, please check: http://www.mysql.com/manual.php (the manual) http://lists.mysql.com/ (the list archive) To request this thread, e-mail To unsubscribe, e-mail Trouble unsubscribing? Other elements in the network can use this information to dynamically apply relevant services, for example, video encoding. tmsh install sys software image BIGIP- volume HD1.3 Post-installation tasks This document covers very basic steps for installing the software. ID 442410 Resolved TMM error message 'HUDEVT_EXPIRED (Connection expired) bad pcb magic (0x00585858)' and TMM core on standby member of HA configuration with connection mirroring and connection pooling (OneConnect) enabled.

Upgrade from 11.x configurations: BIG-IP Systems: Upgrading 11.x Software Upgrade from 10.x Active-Standby configurations: BIG-IP Systems: Upgrading Active-Standby Systems Upgrade from 10.x Active-Active configurations: BIG-IP Systems: Upgrading Active-Active Systems After the Borland Database Engine Download Support Alert Functionality The new alert system aligns with and is part of the Unified Logging Infrastructure, with its configuration officially part of standard MCP schemas/CMI/DG, and so on, so that ID 431239 RTSP established media connections now honor LSN pool translation port ranges or configuration. A single install on primary slot will take care of installing Thales on all active slots.

An Error Occurred While Attempting To Initialize The Borland Database Engine (error $210d)

For example, if a pool in partition_1 references a member in route-domain 0: ... Performance L4 virtual servers can extract application data to make the traffic management decisions. An Error Occurred While Attempting To Initialize The Borland Database Engine (error $2108) When creating and/or using a BDE alias that is using an ODBC DSN make sure that the ALIAS parameter "ODBC DSN" is set to the DSN that you wish to use Install Bde Releases preceding and including 11.3.0 do not automatically modify the unicast failover IP when the management IP is changed or vice-versa.

ID 438159 With the fix, now user can use pre-shared key with anonymous ike-peer for IKEv1 negotiation. ID 441336 Before v11.5.0, Clientssl profile only supports one key/cert pair, no name associated with the key/cert pair. iCheck functionality supports more monitors, while reducing the load on BIG-IP systems. ID 457293 When the origin CMP instance couldn't find the connection after its peer replied, re-send a REMOVE message to the peer to remove it. Borland Database Engine Error 2108 Windows 7

Note that this does not mean that all modules may be simultaneously provisioned on all platforms with 12 GB or more of memory. When I use ODBC file DSN, is the user and password prompted at connection important? For information about using the Software Management screens, see the online help. Additionally, login by user ""root"" can now be disabled from the GUI.

ID 469139 Modify virtual stats detail page to display values for max PVA assist, Current PVA assist and total PVA assist from the virtual server stats table and the pva struct. Install Borland Database Engine Windows 7 Before upgrading, ensure that the management IP and unicast failover IP are identical. This functionality is only partially implemented.

When you upgrade from pre-11.3.x versions, if you see such an error message during configuration load, fix those invalid combinations and try the upgrade again.

This mitigates system instability found when this validation was not present. If the new slot is made primary before the SafeNet install, then the regular install procedure using nethsm-safenet-install.sh will be required on the new primary slot." ID 418685 You can now That means that a VLAN named vlan_site6 in the Common partition is actually named /Common/vlan_site6. An Error Occurred While Attempting To Initialize The Borland Database Engine (error $2a06) ID 442993 Only the default managment-route is used to configure the gateway, and if unconfigured no gateway.

Memory: 8 GB The following guidelines apply to the BIG-IP 2000s, 2200s, 3900, 6900 platforms, to the VIPRION B4100 and B4100N platforms, and to VE guests configured with 8 GB of ID 465908 BIG-IP TLS virtual servers will now reject the connection when an early CCS message is received. If they should be provided correctly, where can I set them? On the 2000s and 2200s, Application Acceleration Manager (AAM) can be provisioned with only one other module.

ID 449798 An issue has been corrected that potentially caused blade failures on secondary blades in a VIPRION chassis to have subsequent issues executing health monitors. Use adaptive response time monitoring to enhance server utilization under heavy load and to optimize moderately configurable web applications that are served by servers with limited capacity. All GUI and TMSH sessions for ""admin"" will be automatically terminated, and ""admin"" will no longer be able to login. During the upgrade process, you see messages posted on the screen.

ID 452454 Forward RST packet for IP forwarding Virtual with fastL4 profile with loose initialization configured and idle timeout less than server idle timeout. When a subscriber first establishes a network connection, the BIG-IP system reserves a block of ports on a single IP address for that subscriber, and logs the block allocation. In order to do this, another user with role Administrator must be assigned as the primary admin. A checkbox ""disable login"" has been added." ID 343561 Set-Cookie2 will supersede Set-Cookie when requesting a cookie by name ID 345389 The HTTP::cookie functions are now case and sigil insensitive when

ID 437703 You can now use the special characters ~!#$%^&*| in HTTP headers and cookie names. ID 411101 Resolved an issue found in F5 testing for ability to tcpdump mgmt_bp_* and loopback. Try: http://lists.mysql.com/php/unsubscribe.php Thread• MyODBC BDE invalid configuration error (BDE Error 12550)GuidoSohne12Feb • RE: MyODBC BDE invalid configuration error (BDE Error 12550)Venu12Feb © 1995, 2016, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates Legal Policies ID 465803 OpenSSL is being updated to fix CVE-2014-0221 CVE-2014-0195.

Login / Register Developer Zone Lists Home FAQ List:General Discussion« Previous MessageNext Message »From:GuidoSohne Date:February820022:53pm Subject:MyODBC BDE invalid configuration error (BDE Error 12550) View as plain text We're running a ID 431240 RTSP ALG when used with CGNAT, the media connections now have the data session translation address:port logged as LSN translations. For more information, see SOL12878: Generating BIG-IP diagnostic data using the qkview utility (10.x - 11.x). He later enrolled at University of St.

ID 370964 When upgrading a 10.x standard active/standby pair, the recommendation is to start with the device with the numerically highest management IP address. Net-SNMP Upgraded to Version 5.7.2 The Net-SNMP software on the BIG-IP system is now upgraded to version 5.7.2.