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If it is not possible to determine the Perforce configuration file name from the environment, BBEdit will now search for a configuration file named `.p4config`, rather than giving up. Newsflash(es) OS Compatibility Guide Product Downloads Mac App Store FAQ Visit our product discussion groups Download the latest: BBEdit 11 Updated! Selecting a javascript function, class name, or pragma (mark) from the function popup will now select the whole name, including the last character. (Off by one error.) Fixed the proximate cause Do your changes in TextWrangler as usual. his comment is here

Bare Bones Home Company Products Support Discuss Store Contact BBEdit 9.1 Release Notes This page documents all feature enhancements and bug fixes included in the BBEdit 9.1 update. Added a "Unix man page" language module, which is useful for live-previewing mandoc files as you edit them. (There's no "function" navigation or syntax coloring, only live-preview support.) Fixed bug in A name for a well-informed person who is not believed? It won't let you save, so Copy the whole file, and Paste it as a complete replacement of the duplicate you made in TextEdit.

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To default to a different name, use the `PerforceDefaultConfigFileName` expert preference. This resolves issues with -35 errors being returned while saving a file to an unmounted (but reachable) AFP volume. Additions * BBEdit now includes a copy of Consolas Regular, an excellent antialiased code editing font.

What are the canonical white spaces? Additions This release consists entirely of fixes for reported issues, and contains no new features, nor changes to existing features. Fixed a bug where clicks in the gutter were (sometimes) ignored in a split text view for the split that did not have keyboard focus. (This was masked by the bug Bbedit For Mac Free Document state includes an MD5 of the in-memory text at the time state is written out.

We'll look it up for you! Bbedit Lite Mac For information on changes made in previous versions of BBEdit, please see the release notes archive. Fixed bug in which literal string matching ("is", "is not") in file filters was case sensitive. Fixed a regression where full paths could not be opened via Command-D Fixed a pair of bugs which conspired to cause the bbedit tool to abort when trying to open a

for characters below space (0x20). * The CSS markup tools and function parser are now in sync with the logic used by the syntax coloring engine: a