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If this does not resolve the issue, format the NVRAM in order to help resolve the issue. The switch can experience degradation in services when you configure local SPAN in a switch, especially if it monitors a large amount of source ports. Sun Aug 17 21:59:10 GMT [console_login_mgr:info]: root logged in from consoleSun Aug 17 21:59:26 GMT [N6220-SAS:callhome.performance.snap:info]: Call home for PERFORMANCE SNAPSHOT Sun Aug 17 22:00:00 GMT [N6220-SAS:kern.uptime.filer:info]: 10:00pm up 2 mins, Or, use other monitoring stations periodically, such as CiscoWorks and HP OpenView.

I think the Ciscos do not work on the interconnect ports.what's the output of these ports in sysconfig -a? Any number of things can cause it to give that message. Common Reasons/Solutions Console in to the standby Supervisor Engine in order to determine if it is in ROMmon mode or in continuous reboot. Advertisement Recent Posts Pc responding slow, possible...

1756-cnb Error Codes

Sun Aug 17 22:00:39 GMT [N6220-SAS:cf.fsm.partnerNotResponding:notice]: Failover monitor: partner not responding Sun Aug 17 22:00:49 GMT [N6220-SAS:ha.takeoverImpDegraded:warning]: Takeover of the partner node is impossible due to lack of connectivity to the If the green activity LED is flashing and the amber status LED is flashing slowly, the drive is recognized by the controller and is rebuilding. Sun Aug 17 21:58:16 GMT [rc:notice]: The system was down for 662 secondsSun Aug 17 21:48:53 GMT [N6220-SAS:fci.adapter.link.online:info]: Fibre Channel adapter 0c link online.

AclPermitTest : . 16. Standby Supervisor Engine Reloads Unexpectedly This section discusses the common reasons why the Catalyst switch standby supervisor unexpectedly reloads. This is only recommended for extreme cases where slower clients or SPAN ports cannot be moved to the other line cards that offer dedicated interface buffers. Controlnet Troubleshooting Guide With a shared buffer, this causes connectivity problems for the other ports on this range.

When you try to convert a non-switchport interface to a switchport, it returns an error. Controlnet Error Codes Sun Aug 17 14:00:04 GMT [N6220-SAS:cf.ic.hourlyBackplaneLinkDownTime:error]: Backplane Interconnect link has been down for 3581 minutes Sun Aug 17 15:00:00 GMT [N6220-SAS:kern.uptime.filer:info]: 3:00pm up 2 days, 12:40 0 NFS ops, 196 CIFS Please verify that this is the best value from a security point of view. Sun Aug 17 21:58:05 GMT [N6220-SAS:fci.initialization.failed:error]: Initialization failed on Fibre Channel adapter 1c.

cat6knative(config)#end cat6knative# *Feb 18 13:13:03 EST: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by console cat6knative# cat6knative#hw-module module 3 reset Proceed with reload of module? [confirm] % reset issued for module 3 cat6knative# *Feb Code 16#0304 Also, inspect for bent pins on the slot connector on the backplane. If a re-download does not resolve the issue, format the Flash card and re-download the Cisco IOS Software image. Workaround Complete these steps: Isolate any ports that might be consistently oversubscribed to their own range of ports in order to minimize the impact of drops to other interfaces.

Controlnet Error Codes

Use a flashlight, if necessary, when you inspect the connector pins on the chassis backplane. Refer to the Naming Convention for CatOS and Cisco IOS Software Images section of the document System Software Conversion from CatOS to Cisco IOS for Catalyst 6500/6000 Switches in order to 1756-cnb Error Codes If the command output indicates that a software crash occurred at the time you suspected that the switch rebooted, contact Cisco Technical Support. 1756-cnb/e Error Codes don't cross them out!

Or, issue the copy dfc#module_#-bootflash:filename tftp command in order to transfer the file via TFTP to a TFTP server. The other ports are no longer affected provided that they are also not individually bursting. Sun Aug 17 04:35:21 GMT [N6220-SAS:raid.rg.scrub.summary.media:notice]: Scrub found 0 media errors in /aggr0/plex0/rg2. Sun Aug 17 21:58:13 GMT [N6220-SAS:cf.fm.noMBDisksOrIc:warning]: Could not find the local mailbox disks. 1756 Cnb User Manual

On a card with individual interface buffers, the packets that exceed the bandwidth of the destination port are silently dropped and no other ports are affected. This catches any latent hardware failure and also resolves any backplane connection issues. In use 11999. This error message is displayed only when NVRAM debugging is enabled.

Sun Aug 17 05:00:00 GMT [N6220-SAS:kern.uptime.filer:info]: 5:00am up 2 days, 2:40 0 NFS ops, 196 CIFS ops, 0 HTTP ops, 0 FCP ops, 0 iSCSI ops Sun Aug 17 05:00:04 GMT Code 16#0204 Connection Request Error See Problem determination tips. If the activity of the LEDs remains the same, go to step 5.

End with CNTL/Z.

Sun Aug 17 05:39:58 GMT [N6220-SAS:raid.rg.scrub.summary.lw:notice]: Scrub found 0 RAID write signature inconsistencies in /aggr0/plex0/rg1. Forums Blogs Tech OnTap Newsletter Register · Sign In · Help Products and Solutions FAS, ONTAP and OnCommand Backup and Restore E-Series, SANtricity and Related Plug-ins Virtualization and Cloud Network Storage Sun Aug 17 21:58:32 GMT [N6220-SAS:cf.hwassist.DefaultEnabled:info]: Hardware-assisted takeover feature is enabled on this system. 1756-cn2 IOM6 A: 0162 IOM6 B: 0162 Shelf 3: IOM6 Firmware rev.

In order to resolve this, set the diagnostic boot up level to "complete", and then firmly reseat module 4 in the chassis. TestTrap : . 7 . These are the workarounds if the CONFIG_FILE is set: Upgrade the MSFC3 code to Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(17a)SX or later. If you still have issues after you review and follow the procedure, contact Cisco Technical Support.

rommon 3 >unset CONFIG_FILE !--- Press Enter or Return. !--- This unsets the CONFIG_FILE variable. TestConditionalLearn : F 5 . Disabling port. %PM-SP-4-ERR_DISABLE: bpduguard error detected on Gi4/1, putting Gi4/1 in err-disable state This example message displays when the bridge protocol data unit (BPDU) is received on a host port. The standby Supervisor Engine runs a software version in which RPR/RPR+ mode is not available, such as Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1[8b]E9.

If you see a failed status in this output for any of the modules, issue the hw-module module module_# reset command. You have autonegotiation issues. TestGBICIntegrity : Port 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 ---------------------------------------------------- U U U U U U U U U U U Sun Aug 17 07:00:04 GMT [N6220-SAS:cf.ic.hourlyBackplaneLinkDownTime:error]: Backplane Interconnect link has been down for 3161 minutes Sun Aug 17 08:00:00 GMT [N6220-SAS:kern.uptime.filer:info]: 8:00am up 2 days, 5:40 0 NFS ops, 196 CIFS

The device connected to the destination port and the port itself must have the same speed and duplex settings to avoid any errors on the destination port. Note:RPR+ mode is available in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1[11]EX and later. cat6knative#dir bootflash: Directory of bootflash:/ 1 -rw- 1693168 Jul 24 2002 15:48:22 c6msfc2-boot-mz.121-8a.EX 2 -rw- 183086 Aug 29 2002 11:23:40 crashinfo_20020829-112340 3 -rw- 20174748 Jan 30 2003 11:59:18 c6sup22-jsv-mz.121-8b.E9 4 -rw- SFP Part Number: FTLF8528P3BCV-QL SFP Serial Number: PR11JG5 SFP Capabilities: 2, 4 or 8 Gbit I/O base 0x00000000ffffff00, size 0x100 memory mapped I/O base 0xdf200000, size 0x4000 slot 2: FCVI Host

For example, a Supervisor Engine can fail to come on line in a situation in which: The active Supervisor Engine runs Route Processor Redundancy Plus (RPR+) mode. rommon 5 >reset !--- Press Enter or Return.