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dont know how to proceed from here. Port 49001 should also be forwarded, but  for UDP only. Any help from the Sky forum? It is set up only for communication between your router and computer. http://waspsoft.com/nat-error/azureus-error-de-nat.html

Washing powder? Steve Log in or register to post comments Submitted by itwontworkgrrr on 7. If the Default Gateway starts with 10.*.*.*, 172.*.*.* or 192.*.*.*, then it is very likely that there is a router involved. Open a terminal window and run the following commands.

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I used to respond to each thanks, but realized it was clogging up the comments section. This page is a quick guide to help you get Azureus up and running, so you can start downloading files and contribute to the torrent community. When available, this method can be used to create a static IP address for port forwarding purposes. Click the "Apply" button to start the installation.

  1. Read some more about Good settings.
  2. What is your Java Version?
  3. you can set the port that Azureus listens to, in the Azureus options, probably pick a port between 45000 and 65000 if you want to run a firewall, you can put
  4. Any tips/hints/tricks??
  5. LOL Thanks Again.
  6. Every computer out there is set up slightly differently - different makes/models of modems and/or routers, different software firewalls, different antivirus programs, receiving service from different providers - these are all
  7. Click tab TCP/IP and look for the line Router.

It is best to change the port number from the default 6881, because some trackers blacklist it, for reasons better explained on that page. i don't know how you would get around that, maybe you could use your own proxy does bit torrent work on other machines or operating systems using your internet connection? ... The Rule will need to know which IP address to forward to. Nat Bug Problem Vuze requires the TCP protocol for "regular" incoming data transmissions.

If you're sure you don't use VPN connections, then it's safe to assume you don't need the Routing and Remote Access service enabled. Azureus Vuze Ubuntu August 2013 - 12:39(109912) The port issue is a strange one. YARDofSTUF09-04-06, 03:47 PMWell no I wouldnt disable it, but azureus may need a port forwarded in it. If you are unsure as to whether or not you own a router (some broadband modems have routers with NAT features built-in), consult your ISP or see your modems manual.

Go to Options > Connection and input the new TCP and UDP listening port that you have chosen. Best Port For Vuze Weird, huh? And recently I shifted to a new place with different network setup, so older vuze configuration was conflicting. Good Torrents The general rule here is to choose torrents that have a high seed to peer ratio.

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When this option is enabled in a router, the computer is now outside of the internal/protected network. but when i test port 65432 it says NAT Error. Azureus Ubuntu What is the exact make/model/revision is your router? (if you use one) Does the router employ UPnP and MAC binding? Azureus Debian This is a plugin that is not included in the basic Vuze, you have to add it in.

Thanks, VBR Log in or register to post comments Submitted by mr6n8 on 7. this contact form I know you do not have one, but it was the Airport router that had the basic firewall issue I referred to before. This piece is both Router and DSL modem, so I don't think that there's a second firewall hiding anywhere - yes? all other internet are ok - as far as iknow. Nat Error - Connection Timed Out

The static IP is not necessary for a software firewall. You can check these options for guides:  The help file of your router is the best place to look Portforward.com Azureus Router Index  has guides for most routers Click Here to Sometimes UPnP can be buggy (though I found nothing on your router). http://waspsoft.com/nat-error/azureus-nat-error-help.html I installed Tixati and it's working perfectly.

In Windows environment, you can check which ports are currently in use (already reserved by some program) from CMD commandline prompt with the command NETSTAT -A . Vuze Port Forwarding Since your Vuze is not using bandwidth it might be connections. There are other circumstances, though, that require further investigation.

In the case of mobile dongles with private addresses, the shown IP address is probably a router somewhere at the ISP.

Anyone got a solution??It sounds like you should forward incoming sessions on Port 6881 to yoursystem running azureus.De Kameelhi - I don't have a router (just a usb dsl router). Go into your router configuration, if any, and forward the port you have chosen using the methods as described in NAT problem and Port forwarding. When you launch Vuze, it always checks that port for an older instance of Vuze being already active. Vuze No Remote Connection Vuze has worked with Sky on the same settings for over a year, but only in the mornings during the week.

Place your mouse cursor over it and wait for it to connect to PIA IPv4 address. November 2013 - 22:42(112311) Hi Steve, First of all thank you for your super detailed report. August 2013 - 14:59(109985) Thanks for the advice. Check This Out Please ring a friend if you need any extra support during this trying experience.):-) Quit Vuze.

Routers use headers and forwarding tables to determine the best path for forwarding the packets, and they use protocols such as TCP/UDP to communicate with each other and configure the best also what is the use of the following command? That does not mean they are not doing anything, but it is not likely that they would be interfering as with you and no complaints at the Vuze fora or elsewhere. Ideally, it would be best to make an exception for Vuze' communications.

August 2013 - 15:57(109894) hi steve, i really have no idea whether my modem has a firewall or not, but i have created exceptions for vuze in windows firewall. Steve Log in or register to post comments Submitted by VBR on 7. Fix your NAT problem[edit] So you really have a NAT problem and never get green smilies and you are not using one of those Internet service providers that do not like For more information see Good Torrents Related Articles Additional Vuze Settings Help with ISP interference and other options Searching for Torrents Popular and unique torrent search sites, with comments.

Coffee? Here are some simple points that should be followed after a fresh install of Azureus. The FAQ at Azureus says this has to do with a Firewall or router. See Installing_Vuze Setup and Optimization[edit] A good setup is vital for your download speed and the bit-torrent community as a whole.

There are a few basic things to do. You should read the entire page before proceeding. Some ISPs (especially mobile/cellular/3G service providers) use carrier grade NAT, meaning they only give users private IP address from those private ranges and then users are most likely doomed to live