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I'm running a VPN on my computer. As for the forum announcement rules, here is my system info under Help>About Vuze: Java 1.7.0_79  Oracle Corporation SWT v4508, win32 Windows Vista v6.0, x86 V5.6.1.0/4 az3 Now, as for the The 49001 is for the Mainline DHT. Enter the local IP address of the server that will be running your bittorrent client. http://waspsoft.com/nat-error/azureus-nat-error-port-6881.html

I have Green Smileys, as i was supposed to. Before taking the speed test, press Settings in the upper right of the speedtest.net page.  This will take you to another page.  At the bottom of that page is the "Global So what can I do about it if I'm already blacklisted?[edit] Choose a new TCP listening port for Vuze. This page has been accessed 131,580 times.

Vuze Nat Error Connection Timed Out

They have a browseable list of routers/modems, from which you can select your router jump over the advertisement page. (In top-right corner: Click here to skip this advertisement...) arrive to the Seeds have 100% of the content associated with the torrent and are only uploading to peers. I scanned it.

http://www.techsupportalert.com/cont...vuze-speed.htm 24. Thanks 02. Instead, the goal is give advice, where to find more specific adivce regarding your router. Vuze Nat Problem Mac Understand what a NAT problem is[edit] Basically, a Network Address Translation problem is caused by a router not being able to do what it's supposed to; it is not correctly re-directing

I dont seem to have problems either way) Click OK Define VIP Service for "tracker" Click "New VIP Service" in the top right Virtual IP: (your external IP) Virtual Port: 56969 Best Port For Vuze Any help from the Sky forum? I've had situations where network problems were interfering with incoming connections (crappy consumer routers!), but I could still get > 1MB/s transfer speeds just with to the few swarm members I So the torrents will show red health smileys, and even if you change your listening port, you are unable to connect because of the 48 hour ban.

Any port in that range is acceptable and they are all the same essentially - you have to clear it through the firewall(s) on your system though. Nat Bug Problem j_iliz, Sep 10, 2005 #11 Infinite blasphemy The Black sheep If all else fails, you can just go into your router configuration and enable the DMZ setting. Other adjustments are made here to distribute your upload so that you receive back the most download from other peers. Log into your router's configuration table.

  • Please help me solve my problems Thanks in advance VBR Log in or register to post comments Submitted by mr6n8 on 4.
  • b) Devices with UPnP/NAT-PMP Just enable the UPnP/NAT-PMP plugin under tools -> options -> plugins -> UPnP and set it to report everything to get some feedback, once it works you
  • Once your computer and router are restarted, use ipconfig or winipcfg to ensure the new static IP address is being used and continue reading the instructions on this page.
  • Inbound test failed, timed out.
  • This guide was put together using information given by the developers of bittorrent programs at their forums, guides and FAQs.  There are no secret tricks, just the real basics of proper
  • well...

Best Port For Vuze

Still NAT indicator is Red (Firewalled) In network Status: "Test starting Default public address is 1 NAT device found     UPnP router: address=, public address= No SOCKS proxy found As to the IP, the Static IP is referred to as an "internal" IP. Vuze Nat Error Connection Timed Out While exploring your client is encouraged, some of these options may have adverse effects. Vuze Port Forwarding The safest choice is a port in the 49160-65534 range as this will avoid ISP blocks and possible conflicts with other applications.  This range used to be 49152-65534, but apparently Vista

Good luck Infinite blasphemy, Oct 2, 2005 #12 oily_rooster22 Member anyone tried port forwarding? Check This Out Finding Legal (and Free) Torrents sites that offer only legally downloadable and distributable content. For my torrents, most of the time there will be 80-100 seeds in the swarm, but i will only be connected to 0-5 of them at a time. Retrieved from "https://wiki.vuze.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Router_configuration&oldid=15052" Category: User Guide Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged inTalkContributionsCreate accountLog in Namespaces Page Discussion Variants Views Read Edit View history More Search Download Vuze Now Navigation Main Vuze Nat Error Your Computer Refused

So, to those who post a "Thanks", I appreciate it. My wireless router is plug into the opennet terminal. Juniper Networks Netscreen 5GT[edit] (sorry about the formatting... Source It's still just the same, it connects to seeds, but never gets any speed and they cut off after a short while.

For Windows 8.1, the operating system seems to grab ports throughout the entire numerical range. Vuze Firewalled Steve Log in or register to post comments Submitted by VBR on 3. An example: Copy to Clipboard ip nat inside source static tcp 6881 interface FastEthernet0 6881 ip nat inside source static udp 6881 interface FastEthernet0 6881 In this example,

But i've tryed disableing them both and trying it again but still NAT errors.

May 2012, 01:25 PM #4 (permalink) mr6n8 Senior Member Join Date: May 2008 Posts: 424 The article (written by me) does not "just" say to choose a port in Since the other ports tested OK, there is no issue with the modem and no static IP is needed. I have my trying to portfoward VUZE with my router ASUS Wireless Router RT-AC56U but it has not been successfully. Nat Problem Vuze Windows 7 In the "Local Area Connection X Properties" dialog, go to the Advanced tab.

Why is port 6881 (or whatever) blocked/blacklisted?[edit] To avoid a decreasing Average Swarm Speed, some tracker administrators are banning these often throttled standard ports. http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-bittorrent-client.htm The page loading issue usually results from either too many open connections or too much upload being used by Vuze. the first rule of port forwarding DON'T USE a 6xxx PORT !!!!!!! have a peek here In addition, advice about a few industrial network solutions is given.

Contact Us Help Weekly Digest Home RSS Terms Privacy Policy Now a lot (actually all) of my torrents either have the yellow faces, and periodically turn red. DHCP Pool/Range: The available addresses a router is instructed to use when automatically assigning IP addresses to devices. Another Way To Test Upload Speed For most people these test results will be reliable (Comcast users see Note).  However, you may wish to do a double check on real life

Thanks and glad things are running good now. Possibly the firewall is only configured for applications, but it might also require port-specific configuration. Thanks to any one who can help. Click Save6.

I'm not sure what to try next. When I went to my firewall I clicked a button to allow all incoming connections and added Vuze to this list. Choosing A Proper Port To avoid messing up a network connection that is already cleared, first check and see if your communications are blocked or are already clear.  Testing The Port no router, no need for port forwarding), also not a firewall issue.

There are several causes of reachability problems: Routers/Broadband modems a) Devices without UPnP or NAT-PMP you have to set your PC to a static IP (i.e. by encryption. It would appear to be sitting between your router and the internet. May 2012, 04:57 AM #1 (permalink) MikiSunshine Member Join Date: May 2012 Posts: 2 How do I find an open port for Vuze?

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > French Affair Member I use Azureus, and for the longest time it's been working very well. I installed Tixati and it's working perfectly. If you know you own a router, continue reading this page in its intended order. Linear ModeThreaded Mode Portal Search Help Hello There, Guest!

Can anyone help? Should i change the wire cable or what should i do??? OK, read on. Vuze ( and newer) requires the UDP protocol to be enabled for DHT to function properly.