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As described previously, you can change that to something else if you like. Click Turn User Account Control On or Off 6. For UDP, replace the 'tcp' keyword with the keyword 'udp'. The outpu from the show-command above will have 'numbers' in the first column, like 10, 20, 30, etc... http://waspsoft.com/nat-error/azureus-error-de-nat.html

I will take a look at the language in the guide and see if I can change to make clearer. Swarm average speed: tells you how quickly others are downloading on average. So, having more upload speed in your ADSL/cable connection will also speed your downloads. Click finish and the apply button to activate your changes to your ISA server and you are ready to start using BitTorrent on your network.

Azureus Nat Problem

Enable firewall client on the client machines and setup Azureus to use tcp and udp ports in range 5973-5983. Click the checkbox under Allow next to Full Control 9. You can check these options for guides:  The help file of your router is the best place to look Portforward.com Azureus Router Index  has guides for most routers Click Here to Dunno if it's normal, but the IP address the port checker website gives me is the one listed as 'broadband port' on the router, instead of my static one (that's listed

This page has been accessed 131,580 times. There is already info on setting a static IP in the guide and, yes, it is important. Beispiel: DHCP-Bereich von x.x.x.1 bis x.x.x.99, deine PC-IP x.x.x.205 Gib die Vuze in deiner Firewall frei (z.B. Nat Error Vuze If you really need to choose a port within the range 1024-49151 make sure you pick an "unassigned" port listed at the IANA port list and which is not already in

ETA is only 7 min. This is NOT the same thing as the "MAC address binding" or creating a "static IP address". If you move the content out, then it will show as an error when you restart the torrent. More help sections will be added to this guide in time.

I never see a green torrent health icon . Nat Bug Problem You also need to tell Mr. Sadly some routers that claim to support UPnP don't interoperate with Vuze correctly, if that's the case have a look at point a). Software firewalls and antivirus software including firewalls: If Click Wizzards -> Policy From Source Zone: UNTRUST To Destination Zone: home NEXT Leave Source Address at ANY Destination Address: VIP::1 NEXT Service: BitTorrent (the group we made earlier) Action: Permit

  1. What is the Override IP address option for?
  2. Consider this an added layer of security.
  3. June 2013 - 16:06(108847) Looking at this guide at PortForward, it looks like you need to go to the Port Forwarding / Port Triggering link and select Port Forwarding.
  4. Most modems do not have a firewall, but some do.
  5. Azureus complains to the personnel manager (that's you) that the boss is always at him to work faster, but he can't because even though he has given out a heap of
  6. I have encountered another problem.
  7. June 2013 - 18:21(108818) Sorry I was on the road when this was posted and unable to respond.
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Azureus Vuze Nat Problem

What is the difference between Host and Publish? It just times out without reaching the site. Azureus Nat Problem Click (Opera > Preferences > Advanced Tab) 2. Utorrent Nat Error Have you changed any hardware (modem or router) lately?

Note: If you're using Check Point SecuRemote Client, it will give you NAT problems even when you're NOT connected to any remote networks. http://waspsoft.com/nat-error/azureus-nat-error-help.html Thanks and glad things are running good now. mine is Server Auto Detection (some people say to uncheck this.. I installed Vuze and followed the steps, after that, my download speed was about 20kb/s, which was previously 3.5-5kb/s. Bittorrent Nat Error

Or use the command NETSTAT -A > FILE. Click OK 10. When available, this method can be used to create a static IP address for port forwarding purposes. have a peek here Now you are ready to use Azureus behind ISA server 2004 and there should be no NAT problems (i.e you get green smileys).

button to display the Service Settings dialog. Best Port For Vuze More Port forwarding From VuzeWiki Jump to: navigation, search This page and What is NAT provide a general explanation of reachability issues, if you just want to fix them, have a Create access rule Copy to Clipboard action: allow protocols: all created at step 1.

Right-click Windows Explorer 4.

How can i stop the file from seeding in Vuze's user interface? Go to Options > Connection and input the new TCP and UDP listening port that you have chosen. You will see a port tester with your selected port entered in it by default. Vuze Port Forwarding I installed Tixati and it's working perfectly.

This should only be used by experienced users, and those that have more than one network adapter in their computer. Microsoft's ISA Server 2004[edit] Configuring BitTorrent's ports on ISA is very simple. June 2013 - 15:46(108845) No worries Steve - appreciate the follow up! Check This Out The other choice is to manually forward the port through the router.  This does not have that security issue, but involves going through several steps to accomplish.  Using the guides linked

Right-click it 3. This indicator is derived from the NAT status of individual torrents. For example, MSN protocol usually uses ports 6891-6900. Reduce the Max simultaneous outbound connection attempts rate to 1 or 2 in Vuze > Tools > Options > Connection.

Why do peers keep contacting me, even when Azureus is not running? Why are most of my torrents queued and not downloading?[edit] On Windows: Go to Tools > Options > Queue > Max simultaneous downloads and Max active torrents.