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It also allows you to run more than one copy of RBBS on the same server. load-messages: func [ "Load messages for a specific topic." topic-id ][ any [attempt [load/all config/msg-dir/:topic-id] []] ] save-messages: func [ "Save messages for a specific topic." topic-id messages ][ write config/msg-dir/:topic-id Each block in that file has the format: [topic id create-date modified-date msg-count] Each time a new topic is created, it is added to the topics file. Return id.} topic ][ id: next-topic-id write/append config/topic-db append remold [topic id now now 0 ""] newline id ] An important function used in add-topic is remold which combines the native

The configuration file is actually a REBOL script that will be executed, so you can include other code as well (if necessary). It uses show-page to do most of the work. Use the construct function instead. cgi-path file!

Unable To Add Printer Forbidden Cups

You can run as many bulletin boards as you want. Test out the BBS using a Web browser to go to the correct location on your web server. if not cgi: read-cgi [quit] cgi: construct/with decode-cgi cgi context [ cmd: id: name: email: subject: message: none ] Never use the make object! The filename of the main HTML template used to create the look of all pages.

It uses the tags-allowed setting the configuration to determine what tags can pass through. on install test program « Previous Next » Author Message Winston Posted on Friday, March 26, 2004 - 04:21 am: I just got the following error message on my browser add-message: func [ {Add a new message.} topic-id name email message ][ write/append config/msg-dir/:topic-id append remold [name email now to-binary message] newline ] Because this tutorial does not use file locks Gpasswd Add User To Group It uses the config information about where the CGI script lives, so it can generate a link to invoke it; it also allows an optional "bookmark" to be specified with a

See the REBOL FAQ page for more details, but we use base 64 in this script. trim cgi/name [show-error "Name field required"] if empty? There isn't much to say about these functions, because they parallel the topic functions very closely. UNIX...

Store it in topic file. Arch Add User To Group Some of them may be added as part of a future CGI tutorial. add-topic: func [ {Add a new topic. Summary page shows current message topics (threads) and related information Message pages show recent messages for a given topic New message topics are created from a web form New messages are

Cups-get-devices Request Failed With Status 401: Forbidden

License Statement You are free to use and redistribute this software for any legal purposes, as long as you include the copyright, author credits, and the notice below. value. Unable To Add Printer Forbidden Cups Under the msg-dir a file will be created for each topic, with the name of the file being the topic-id (an integer): messages/ ; msg-dir from config 1 ; messages for Cups Unable To Add Printer Forbidden Arch filter-tags: func [ "Filter HTML to only allow specific tags." page [string!] /local block extended ][ block: load/markup page extended: make block!

emit-form: func [ "Emit the submission form (for both topics and messages)." topic-id [integer! Only Commerce.CGI MEMBERS may post messages.Edit Profile Password: Options: Enable HTML code in message Automatically activate URLs in message Action: Topics | Last Day | Last Week | Search | Help/Instructions The filename of the HTML form used for data entry of messages. form also converts values to strings, but the two produce difference results. Cups Unable To Modify Printer Forbidden

Each message file is stored under the topic id number for it. datatype makes it very easy to generate markup; you don't need to constantly escape to and from language strings, just type tags like you would normally would and REBOL recognizes them. The URL path on your web server to the message board script. date!

An easy fix that takes care of this most of the time is to put '#!/.../perl --' instead of '#!/.../perl' on the first line of the script. Cups Forbidden time/3 above works the same as time/second since seconds are the third element in a time! max-msgs: 100 ; max messages is reached.

values in REBOL can contain both a date and time component; to get just the date component, you use the /date refinement on them.

tags-allowed block! REBOL provides an elegant way to create a wide range of CGI applications. In order to detect that we use this test: ; If not in CGI environment, set Test-Mode. Follow the instructions in Quick and Easy CGI*A Beginner's Tutorial and Guide for how to set up REBOL for CGI scripting.

To that end, there is a configuration file (so you don't have to mess with any code to fit it into your server environment) with default settings that should work "out This method is used (write/append) so that we don't have to read in all the prior messages in order to write out the new message. max-days integer! Look at the HTML that is produced, or pull up a console, to see what this function does.

If we flip things around, we can eliminate the parens because REBOL has to evaluate the function to get the second operand for the < operator. Here are the keywords that are replaced in the template: $date $content $title $version If those words conflict with other elements in your page, you can modify the code to use It includes a few links at the top, followed by a table of all the messages. read-cgi: func [ "Read CGI data.

read-io system/ports/input buffer 16380][ append data buffer clear buffer if (length? system/options/binary-base: 64 This provides an easy way to let REBOL do some work for us throughout the rest of the script. Once we have the CGI request during we convert it to a REBOL block which is then passed to the construct function which safely converts it into an object. RBBS Feature Summary Here is a list of the main features provided by this BBS tutorial: Implements an open, web-based bulletin board system Runs as a normal CGI script using REBOL/Core

show-error: func [ "Tell user about an error." block "Block to be formed." ][ show-page "An Error Occurred..." reform block ] Small wrapper functions like this help simplify code in many You can see the effect of it by setting it to different values in the console and looking at the results. For example: >> system/options/binary-base == 16 >> to binary! "Testing, 1...2...3" == #{54657374696E672C20312E2E2E322E2E2E33} >> system/options/binary-base: 64 == 64 >> to binary! "Testing, 1...2...3" == 64#{VGVzdGluZywgMS4uLjIuLi4z} >> system/options/binary-base: 2 == 2 >> Refinements are also used in function specs, to define optional switches or parameters and, as if that weren't enough, refinements are also a datatype themselves; they are values you can work

The advantage of keeping these as separate files is that they can be edited using any HTML page editing tool. That is often the component in the URL right after /cgiwrap/. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Local Information and Documentation: Contact Name: Administrator Contact EMail: admin Server Data: Server Administrator/Contact: admin Server Name: www.missourinet.net Server Contents Introduction RBBS Feature Summary What's Not Included Related Tutorial Articles How to Try It Out License Statement Overall Design Configuration HTML Templates Main HTML Template HTML Data Entry Form Support To make that less likely to happen (but there is still a small chance) this write/append method is helpful. Purging Old Messages Purge-messages is a new one, with no counterpart

Download the RBBS source codeyou can get it from our RBBS Test Site or from REBOL.org. Commerce.CGI Free Shopping Cart Support BBS » Commerce.cgi 3.x Support » Error Messages » CGI Wrap error: Script execution failed. REBOL includes many other powerful features including its own graphical user interface. Commerce.CGI Free Shopping Cart Software Free Shopping Cart - CGI Wrap error: Script execution fail...

This is also true of the general way that CGI is handled as well as the way data is stored in REBOL data files.